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My first ghostly experience.

When I was late teens, a few years back, a friend asked if I would come with him to visit his relatives in the Somerset area. I said yes and off we went for a weekend adventure. When we arrived the house was massive with acres of ground surrounding it. The house looked Victorian and really creepy with great big windows with led detailing. It looked like something from a horror movie lol.

We were met by a couple and their two teenage daughters. They seemed really pleasant and welcomed us with open arms. We spent the day there, which was great without anything spooky happening until it came to the night. Well at bedtime I was shown to a large room to the back of the house. The room was full of antique dolls, yes ceramic or porcelain dolls with life like faces giving off different facial expressions. Now I don’t know about you but dolls, especially those ones, freak me out. Once I got used to them I decided to try and get some sleep. Have you ever tried to sleep with over a hundred dollies on shelves looking at you lol.

As I was about to drop off someone or thing knocked on the door. I told them to come in but no one did. The door knocked again so I got up and opened it. There was nothing there other than a long creepy corridor covered with creepy Victorian paintings. I was the only one to the back of the house, the family and my friend was right down the other end of the corridor. I thought it must’ve been my friend playing tricks on me so I went back to the four poster bed. 5 minutes had past when I heard the door handle rattle. I got up and ran to the door before opening it. There was no one there yet again. If someone had done it as a joke I would have seen/ heard them run. At this point I was feeling a little freaked out. Leaving the light on this time I went back to bed. As I looked at the dolls I’m sure they were all moving lol. I’m sure they weren’t but my imagination was getting carried away with me. After another 5 minutes the door knocked again. This time I got up calmly and opened it. Yes you guessed it, no one was there. This time I walked down the dark corridor right to the other end of the house. I opened the bedroom door leading to my mates room and opened it. I could instantly tell he was asleep due to the snoring lol. I don’t mind telling you I was creeped out. I walked back down the long corridor feeling like something was watching me. I got back into bed, with the lights on, and fell asleep waking up the next morning.

So it’s the next morning and everyone is getting up and going down for breakfast. Once joined by all the family members and my friend they started to tell me about the ghost that haunts the bedroom I was in. Like thanks for telling me lol. They said that people who stay in the room hear the door knocking and occasionally the handle rattle. I told them about my experience which backed up the story.

I never stayed there again, but wish I could go back now lol.

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