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Shall i quit?

Approximately a year ago i was considering giving up the paranormal business and starting something new.

That evening I was going to hand over the reins to a friend when I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was stood in the bathroom with the light on facing the doorway into the hallway when a massive, like beach ball sized orb, floated up the stairwell into the hallway. It was white and translucent in a perfect ball shape. It stopped by the doorway for a split second before floating into the spare room at the end of the hallway. After a few seconds I pulled myself together and followed the orb as it went into the room. As I entered the room a split second after the orb had disappeared.

This is when I decided it was a sign for me to carry on investigating into the paranormal. I haven’t seen anything like it before and probably won’t again. Was it a coincidence as I was thinking of packing it all in?

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