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Guardian Angel

Approximately 6 years ago I decided to move from the south to the North of the country. In the interim I had to travel twice a week back and forth, which took nearly 4 hours. This was an incredibly tedious drive, most of which was dead straight motorways.

One night after a long shift at work I had to drive back home. I have to say i didn’t feel tired at the time, but wasn’t looking forward to yet another 4 hour journey. As I got within 4 or 5 miles of my destination driving about 50 mph down a single carriageway, I saw a large white horse, about the size of a block of flats step on to the road right in front of me. This made me slam on the brakes as hard as I could to avoid a collision. Luckily I stopped just before hitting its leg. As I stopped I couldn’t see the horse, but instead saw I was only a few yards from disaster. The road had a 90 degree bend to the right. In front of me was a severe drop into a farmers field that I luckily Managed to avoid. This is when I realised I had fallen asleep at the wheel, driving in excess of 50 mph. I had dreamt this white horse which made me anchor on the brakes and perhaps saved my life!

What was even stranger is that Kent, where I worked and was driving from, has a white horse as their emblem. They call it invictus.

Was this my guardian angel or just a coincidence?

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Jacqui Rowledge
Jacqui Rowledge
Sep 05, 2022

Wow. You are one lucky guy someone is certainly looking after you and what a beauty a white horse. That's your familiar ..... Xx


Oh, what a luck you had. Really could have been a guardian angel. Beautiful story. And so lucky you are still alive!


Definitely a guardian angel 😇. You could have been killed.

Martin Sullivan
Martin Sullivan
Sep 02, 2022
Replying to

I thought the same thing. I was lucky that night.

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