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My second ghostly encounter...

I was living in 19th century appartment, thankfully I no longer live there...

I moved into this lovely apparentment back in the summer of 2009, I fell in love with the high ceilings and posh coving.

It was such a magnificent building. I much prefer the old period building's to the new one's it holds so much character and I can almost imagine the people that lived there once before.

Anyways It was just an average day for me I had been to work and done my usual thing, I semi watched some blurb on the TV when I got home, ate way too much food, cleaned & showered then took myself to bed as I had work early the next day.

Me being me I read some of book and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Some hour's later and this seemed to be a regular occurrence between the hours of 3:00am and 4:00am I would hear faint noises of someone walking up and down my landing or a scratching scrapping noises and inaudible chatter. This happened a lot but this one night imparticular I had a bad day at the office, but was so looking forward to going home because I had purchased a new mattress to sleep on and yes you heard that right i was excited about a bloody mattress haha (such a home bird). So I had swapped my mattresses over and propped my old one up against the window ready to be collected the next day.

That very night I woke up from a weird dream, a lucid dream and in this dream there was a man talking to me about something, I don't recall what exactly but he reminded me of the bad guy out of the smurfs Gargamel I believe haha. 

I woke up suddenly in the early hours of that morning and at the bottom of my bed was this old mattress with him stood next to it


He was just staring at me from the bottom of the mattress smiling saying nothing (creepy much?).

 l'm not going to lie, I crapped my pants shot up in my bed and rubbed my eyes hoping he'd do one but by the time I reopened my eyes he was still there, it took 3 attempts and a few “please go away” from me whilst I hid under my quilt for "protection" for him to vanish into the night (phew).

I got up & made myself a drink to calm myself and to continplate what I had just seen, was I dreaming? Was he real!? Am i losing my mind!?haha.

I haven't seen a full bodied apparition since but I have seen a shadow figure and orbs on the regular and I can definitely feel their presence. I still have these lucid dreams but I've managed to block the most part of them out over the years.

Have you guys experienced anything similar?

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