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The Demon House

The demon house.

So when I started, approximately 4 years ago, I was invited to a house in Yorkshire UK, nicknamed the ‘demon house’. I didn’t know much about this house other than it was a moderate sized 3 bed semi detached within a quiet residential road. At this point I used to investigate alone or with one other, but I was invited to join another team. Well I can’t say no to that.

When we first arrived, on a nice summers evening, we were greeted by a male who introduced himself and gave us a guided tour of the old 70s looking house. The guy told a Few stories but in truth it sounded and looked a lot like 30 East Street in Pontefract. The decor was definitely 70's and hadn’t been updated since then.

We set up placing the equipment in various rooms. I have to say from memory there were about 5 of us, all keen and wanting some poltergeist activity.

Once we had set up, and after a sneaky hot chocolate, we were ready for lights out. The first part of the early evening nothing really happened so I left the others and sat in the attic alone. This room had semi been changed into a room and was supposed to be highly active. After about half an hour I heard screaming coming from some of the others down stairs. Thinking they were being attacked I joined them in the kitchen. They had said they were all sat in the front room calling out to spirits when suddenly a broom flew across the room and an item had moved on the fire place. This had scared them enough to exit in a hurry and gather in the kitchen. On hearing what they’d said I sat in the front room with lol the lights off hoping to get the same, and I wasn’t disappointed.

After a few minutes I was in the front room alone with my digital recorder on record. I asked the spirit if they had thrown the broom and to my surprise a child like voice was hers saying ‘yes’. The others by this time had started to come and join me. One of the Crew asked a question and without warning he was thrown off the chair onto the floor. This scared the life out of us all,but we stated. The male already had a bad back and was in pain from the fall. I asked who did it using the recorder and once again heard a little child but this time they giggled. This had the makings of being a really good night.

After about half hour there wasn’t any activity within the front room so I went up in the loft again followed by another team member. We both sat in a pitch black loft hoping to get more paranormal activity. After a few minutes we heard banging coming from the other side of the attic. I had my dictaphone on and caught a female spirit say the name ‘Sarah’. This was weird because at that time I normally investigated with a Sarah, but she wasn’t present. We captured a few other voices as well, one being male and very grumpy. The night passed without much more happening.

Unfortunately going live is quite a recent thing for me, which is a bit of a shame, I’d have loved you guys to have witnessed some of the activity.

Unfortunately the house is no longer in use so we are unable to return.

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