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Was it a ghost?

So this happened a couple of years ago.

One night I couldn’t sleep so decided to go for a walk, it was about 1am. I live in a very quiet village so trying not to look like a burglar was difficult lol. Anyway as you can imagine I didn’t see anyone. As I was walking along a country road leading to the church I saw a very old man on the opposite side of the road. Although it was dark I could clearly see him walking beneath the street lights. I would describe him as being in his 80’s with white hair and loose fitting clothing. He was walking very slowly using a walking stick. As I got closer, on the opposite side of the road, I shouted hi and raised my hand to acknowledge him. He said hi back and carried on walking. After a couple of steps I suddenly thought it strange for an elderly person to be out that time of night so turned and saw he had disappeared. The guy was out of my sight for no more than 15 seconds before he disappeared. The road was dead straight and there wasn’t any obstructions. I walked over to the other side of the road as I couldn’t believe my eyes, he had gone.

Had I seen a ghostly apparition or was it my imagination? I have been back many times but not seen him.

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