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Let me tell you about the myths and legends of Cadby tunnel in Doncaster uk.

I went there for the first time last year, not knowing anything about it. It was just an old haunted railway tunnel in the middle of know where with a reputation of being a little scary.

I went alone during the day just to test the signal. It’s not worth investigating if I can’t bring you guys with me lol.

So whilst walking in the tunnel on the live, I immediately felt cold and somewhat threatened. That isn’t a sensation I’m used to, but went along with it. During the short time I was walking around in there stones where thrown and the sound of heavy foot steps. This got me excited so I decided to go back alone at night - yes alone lol.

As I started the live it was clear within the first 5 mins that I wasn’t welcome. Stones were thrown and heavy footsteps again. I decided to try the ‘torch experiment’ which consisted of me leaving a torch on at the end of this long dark tunnel. Within a short space of time the torch was turning on and off on command. Not once or twice, but many many times over a few minutes. When I got to it the torch had turned around completely.

So don’t take my word for it, get on the group page and watch it lol.

After this I decided to look into its long history. There had been many reported deaths over the years, including George and a young rag seller. George didn’t arrive at Doncaster station and was later found dead in the tunnel. The young female is more interesting! She died and her grand mother cursed anyone that would mention her name three times within the arches of the tunnel.

So if you visit this cursed tunnel shout mexborough ragger 3 times within one of the arches. Let’s see what happens.

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