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The Old Nick Theatre.

The old nick theatre is one of my favourite places to investigate. So this Victorian Police station and now theatre in the heart of Gainsborough is visited by ghost hunters from all over the world. Back in the Victorian era it was not only the headquarters of Lincolnshire police but a court house closing its doors in the 1970’s and turning into a small theatre and museum.

I have visited this location many times on my own and with others. Recently we held a public event which was really active. Lots of rempod action and ghostly voices heard by all.

I want to talk about the most active night ever. So it’s New Year’s Eve a couple of years ago and I’m alone and locked within the building with all the lights off. It’s got a creepy feeling and it’s super cold.

I started the investigation within the police museum on the ground floor. I was sat in the female cell the opposite side of the building to the male cells using my dictaphone when I picked up a female voice telling me to get out. This was a class A EVP and captured on a live stream. I don’t mind telling you I was at this point really nervous and very much alone. With that I heard the male cells banging shut. It’s a distinctive noise as it’s metal on metal and really loud. Taking you guys on the live with me I slowly made my way down the long narrow dark corridors to the male cells. As I approached the banging stopped and it became really quiet. Although I wasn’t letting it show, I felt really scared. If an apparition could slam a solid metal door then what else could it do. Well I sat in one of the two cells with my recorder hoping to capture a voice. The cells are very cold, damp and not changed since the Victorian era. It even has prisoner names and other graffiti etched in the metal painted frames and doors.

After a few minutes with my trusted recorder leaving you guys on the bench facing towards me, I started to capture some ghostly voices. The voices were a male and took me by surprise. One of the recordings said ‘it wasn’t me’ clear as day. After ten minutes or so I left the cell area and went upstairs to the theatre.

So I’m now in the very small active theatre used for amateur dramatics. Back in the day this was used as a court room and still has the back stairs leading from the cell area to the court. I was in the theatre with a spirit box when I saw a small shadow go past. With that I clearly ask who it is and get a great response. The voice of a little girl is heard to say ‘hello’. I ask again and receive another ‘hello’ with the same voice. Luckily this was all captured on the live and can be viewed on the events page.

I have been to this location many many times but that New Year’s Eve was the most active by far. I’m not sure why it was that active, maybe because I was alone or maybe something to do with it being New Year’s Eve.

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