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The infamous Antwerp Mansion.

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

This run down old Victorian gothic mansion named after the second largest city in Belgium, has had many different uses dating back. And with this old building comes many many ghost stories and sitings. The current owners purchased this gorgeous building within the heart of Manchester, and made it into a nightclub. It was very successful but unfortunately a few years back it closed its doors to the public, it’s now used for film crews and photo shoots, as well as the occasional ghost hunt.

I have to say this is one of the most frightening buildings I’ve investigated. I haven’t been for well over a year, but I used to visit a couple of times a week. This was before I used to go live, so you guys never really got to see the freaky goings on, other than the evps and short film clips put on the GEG group.

So much happened over this short period to mention, but one night, I believe it was the Summer solstice, 3 of us stayed over night in this massive half decorated mansion. At that time the doors were locked, windows closed and there was no getting out - so a proper lock down.

Well it was a beautiful evening when the 3 of us arrived and were welcomed by the owners. We had got to know them well as they were also interested with our findings. We spent many evenings talking about the things that had gone bump in the night, or things found under the floor boards lol. I think one time they found old bones, which was freaky.

The night itself was going ok and not much happening until it started to get dark. We were all in the red room, believed to be haunted by a woman that didn’t like you closing the door. Lisa was calling out and then without warning her throat began to tighten. She stopped what she was saying and as we both looked around, red marks appeared around both sides of her neck. Lisa was very anxious and was asking whoever, or what ever it was to stop what they were doing. Luckily it stopped and she felt the tightness disappear. I took a photo and you can clearly see the red marks, resembling that of fingers. At this time I had the recorder on and it recorded a very strange voice/ noise. It sounded male and very aggressive. At this point we went down to the safe room and made a few very strong brews.

As we returned to that same room I placed a static infrared camera outside the door facing down the upstairs corridor. Within a short space of time you heard the sound of something being thrown in that very corridor. As we went out to investigate there was nothing there. On viewing the footage you clearly hear the sound of something small and hard being thrown and bouncing around. Afterwards you can clearly see a shadow figure, like an arm on the wall. This is freaky and can be viewed on the group.

With this we all sat in the main downstairs room. Now this room has a very strange feeling attached to it, especially If you’re female. Lisa, a psychic, said there was a man with severe disabilities in the room that didn’t like females. As we were all discussing it, a very large and heavy shield flew across the room landing about 3 foot from where it had been. This frightened the life out of us, and yes the lights went on lol. There was no explaination for it.

After this I walked around in the same room with the camera. I asked why the guy was there and why was he acting like a 6 year old. Well with that my left side of my neck started to burn. I had a torch in one hand and the camera in the other. Lisa looked and 3 burn marks appeared from no where, as clear as day.

So many things have happened within the walls of this mansion, and once lock down is over I’m going back. This is one place I vowed never to investigate alone. Let’s see what happens lol.

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