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The haunted office block near London Bridge.

Let me tell you this creepy tale that is both true and creepy as hell.

So I was late teens and looking for a job. Any job would do, it was the money I was after rather than a career and pension.

Anyway I happened to find a job with a large security company. The pay wasn’t great but I got a uniform with super tight trousers! I remember those to this day haha.

My first night shift was in a massive office block right next to London Bridge. This place wasn’t the most attractive looking from the outside, but inside the foyer had marble floors and a massive solid wooden reception desk.

I was met by another guard, about my age that went through my duties for the night. Mainly it was talking rubbish and watching television, which was a win win for me lol. Anyway he started to show me around this massive office block, that I seemed to remember had 7 or 8 floors. He explained that once every couple of hours we had to walk around each floor, and on each floor was an electronic swiper. So when you reach the swiper you tap you plastic key on it and it registered the time and date etc. Just to make sure you’re not skiving and just watching tv all night lol.

So now the workers have left the building and it's only the cleaners working away. The front door was locked and it was time for my very first shift. So I’m sat at the reception desk looking very important with my tight trousers and my colleague was in the room behind me when a cleaner walked over to me. She looked really angry and asked me to tell the other security guard to stop turning the hoovers on and off. I apologised on his behalf and said I would tell him. With that he came out of the room and heard the discussion. When asked about the hoover turning on and off she said it was a few minutes earlier. Well this was impossible because he was in the room behind. I said it was just a power failure or something, but she confirmed it was the switch at the plug that kept turning on and off. This was strange but none of us thought anything of it, although it did bring up the conversation of ghosts. This is something I hadn’t even thought of, nor spoke about.

Much later in the evening the cleaners leave apart from the one having problems with the hoover. She talks about the building being an old hospital during the war and that others had seen full bodied apparitions. She then left leaving us with that thought lol.

Now the doors are closed and my first night shift is under way, just myself and my colleague.

We were both sat in the massive reception area with the doors locked. The room is beautiful and it’s a lovely warm sunny day. My colleague started talking about his dog that died and that he could hear scratching on his bedroom door at night. As soon as he’d mentioned that, the six monitors in front of us went out and the lights from all the floors above us went out in order, starting from the top and working its way down one by one. The really strange thing was that the 3rd floor light stayed on. Even the foyer light's turned off. The only way to turn the lights off is from the room behind us, and there’s only one way into the room, and I’m sitting in front of it. If it was a power cut all lights would’ve gone, but the third ones remained on. After a few seconds all the lights turned back on again in the same sequence. I’ve got to say this freaked me out a bit lol.

After that my colleague decided to do the first walk around to check on the place whilst I remained in the foyer.

After about 20 minutes or so I heard my colleague shout and scream over the radio. He said he was on the third floor and there’s someone there! I immediately ran upstairs and joined him on the stairwell. He was white as a sheet and scared still. It took a few seconds for him to calm down. Once calm he said he’d seen a ghostly figure that walked through him. He described the figure and said initially he thought it was a person and froze. But the person walked though him. He described the sensation as coldness going through his body. I was amazed by this, but didn’t quite believe it. He went down stairs and I continued the patrol of the building alone. Nothing happened on this occasion but I did sense I was being watched.

A couple of hours go by and it’s now my turn to patrol. Would anything happen to me?! I was thinking the same. Although the lights were on it’s a super creepy building.

So I’m walking around the office blocks and sensing things around me. I never saw anything at this point, but could definitely sense something. It put me on edge and I didn’t like it.

Now the creepiest part is the basement, that’s really dark. I’ve got the smallest torch in the world and I’m walking through the basement. The torch is casting a small light on the floor, like a small circle lol. It’s quite noisy as you can hear the generators at work. I walk down a few corridors that are bare brick before I got to a massive metal doorway. This you have to open with two keys at the same time. I did that and walked inside. As I walked inside the first thing I noticed was a door leading to the ground floor hallway was open. This really annoyed me because that corridor leads to the main reception area. I swiped the key card and locked the main metal door from the inside before walking into the corridor heading back to the reception desk.

As I got to the desk my colleague was there just sitting there. I was really annoyed and asked why I’d had to go into the creepy basement when all i could’ve done is walk down the corridor. He seemed confused and asked me to show him. As I took him to the door I found it was closed and locked. He said there is no key nor door handle for the door as it prevents us walking through the basement. He said we didn’t have the key and if we did there’s no handle!!

With that we both sat at the desk when we saw a shadow in the corridor leading to the basement. Just a big round shadow. There’s wasn’t anything on the room to cast the shadow, but it was there and we could both see it. I turned the monitor off jut to see if it was a glitch. As I turned the monitor off for a split second, the room on the screen changed. There was a small cabinet with a lamp on it. As I turned it back on and off several times the same thing happened. This really creeped us both out. I turned the volume up on the camera just to see if we could hear anything. With that you could hear deathly cries coming from the basement. I thought to myself enough is enough, let’s check it out. My colleague was to frightened so stayed back. I took a radio and made my way to the corridor.

So the corridor is quite narrow and very long with white walls as I recall. As I walk down the end my colleague shouted the shadow had come back and it’s in front of me. I walked forward and apparently it moved away. I didn’t feel nor hear anything at the time. After a few minutes of the shadow moving away from me my colleague told me where it was. I ran to the spot just to see if anything would happen, that’s when it disappeared and that’s when I heard the moan or scream coming from the basement!!!

So the basement. There’s no lights, the walls are bare brick and the floor is uneven. It’s really noisy due to the generators and dark as anything. It’s ok though I had a super bright torch, not! Lol. As I walked into the basement I could feel things all around me, but nothing touched me nor spoke. I was down there for ages but didn’t hear that scream or moan again. I can confirm though that no one was down there at all.

That night it was me that did all the patrols lol. My brave colleague sat at his desk and refused to move lol.

Next morning I spoke to the manager of the building telling him my findings, but was immediately sacked lol.

So the moral of the story, don’t tell your boss stuff that makes you look nuts lol.

I worked at another building the next night that was just as creepy, but you’ll have to wait for that one..........

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Red Tilley
Red Tilley
Jul 08, 2021

Jeeze hope you had clean


Sorry phone is playing up, doesn't like sunbathing 😬🤣


Absolutely awesome 👌....i jad to laugh at the beginning as your words put Jason Donovans amy dream will do in my head. So I've read this singing it to i close my eyes...draw the curtain 🤣🤣🤣

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