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The abandoned lunatic asylum

Oh my word! Let’s talk about the abandoned lunatic asylum. The very name fills me with dread, and then there’s the thought of investigating it.

The word lunatic, like many other English words is Latin coming from ‘lunaticus’ meaning of ‘the moon’ or ‘moon struck’. The moon is believed to affect many people in the ways of temporary lunacy. They say the moon affects the sea and as we a mainly water it can affect us etc etc. Let’s watch Mad Mike when we are next out in a full moon haha.

Anyway I digress! I was invited to investigate an abandoned Victorian lunatic asylum the other night. When I arrived it was clear to see the shear size of the place. There were 6 or 7 massive stand alone buildings, all equally as spooky under the moonlight. We had a guided tour by some local kids that explained the history and some of their scary findings. It was quite clear early on that we needed to investigate the clock tower, one of the smaller buildings. We spent about half hour setting up the usual equipment, that being a trip alarm on the stairs and a couple of rempods on the upper floor. After doing this we went out and started to talk to others about our plans for the night. As we were outside you could clearly hear the rempods and then the trip alarm sounding. There was no one on the building at all, other than a couple of anti mike pigeons lol.

So it’s 9pm and time for another Ghost Encounters Global live. As usual when you’re next to the devices they don’t sound and all’s quiet - typical! But as the night unfolded I couldn’t have Guessed what was about to happen.

After about 40 minutes of not much activity, we both decided to go to the ground floor. On saying goodbye to the potential spirits, I asked if they’d set a device off if they wanted us to stay. With that an alarm sounded In the far corner of the long corridor. This alarm has never sounded before and it took us by surprise. The alarm, that resembles a fog horn went off for a few seconds before becoming silent again. We walked over to check it out but couldn’t find any reason for it. As we walked away again I repeated the fact we were going downstairs. Now the next thing that happened scared the hell out of us both ..........

So we are standing by the stairwell of this long abandoned dark corridor when I heard what I thought was birds above us. It was then followed by a large gust of wind that circled us both about three times with so much force you could hear the roof tiles above us cracking and creaking! You could feel the wind on your face and the place became ice cold. This last about 6 or 7 seconds and had us both glued to the spot. It didn’t happen anywhere else in the building and there was no wind outside. I have never experienced anything like it before!

We spent a couple of hours in this old abandoned building and captured so many spooky things that can’t be explained. It is clear there were things in this place that both liked us being there, and yet some that clearly did not.

One of our members explained on the live that their grandfather was sectioned and unfortunately died there. His name was George, so whilst stood in the creepy doorway I used the dictaphone and called out for George. Straight away a creepy voice was heard repeating me by saying George.

This was one of the creepiest places I’ve been and I’m looking forward to going back real soon. The live and evidence can be found on our events page.

Thank you everyone.

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