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So my day within the walls of Nunnington Hall in beautiful North Yorkshire.

This amazing 18th century grade 1 listed mansion is situated in the middle of no where, with the river Rye running right past it. It’s now open to the public and for a small fee you can wonder around this picturesque building that takes you back in time. It actually feels like the owners have just popped out for a walk and would be back any time lol. Most things seem to be original from the tapestries to beautifully painted ceiling depicting times gone bye. It is clear a lot of generations of families have lived and died within its walls.

One summers day I decided to visit, it was a bank holiday so I was expecting it to be packed, so no ghosting for me, although I bring my trusted dictaphone everywhere with me lol.

Luckily on this day the staff showed the building, on their website, to be closed which put most people off. You should’ve seen my delight when I arrived along with a handful of others. I pretty much had the building to myself.

As you walk around you can feel the energy, which seemed to be different in every room you entered. The main stairs for me was were I spent most of the day, although I did look weird lol. I placed the dictaphone on the stairs and captured many voices, the best being a gruff sounding guy saying ‘it burnt me’. Now this was clear and after speaking to staff that confirmed that in fact there had been a number of fires.

One of the smaller bedrooms at the rear made my hairs stand on end. The staff member told me a story about how these two boys had died there, which seemed to be a bit of a Cinderella type deal. Yes a wicked step mother locks one of the boys in there, he climbs out the window and falls to his death. On the recorder I capture the sound of a very jolly man singing. When asked if the boys are there he says something like, ‘no they’re not da do da day’. This to date is still one of my favourite EVP’s

As I walked into another larger room, the side cabinet starts rocking from left to right quite violently. This made me jump to start with, but I found it fascinating. As soon as I walked over it stopped moving as quickly as it had started. I didn’t capture any voices in that room, but had I experienced poltergeist activity? Who knows.

As I walked into a green room, I think the dining room, I stopped and placed my camcorder down on one of the side units in a hope it would capture something. As I did so an old lady whispered in my right ear. This frightened the life out of me, but at the same time I found it intriguing. I have no idea what she said, but it was a full sentence. When someone whispers in your ear you can feel the breath etc. On this occasion it was like she was in my ear, so creepy. I still wonder today what she said as nothing was picked up by the camcorder.

There was another room at the back that had a lot of artefacts in glass cabinets. As soon as I entered this room the lights turned on and off a few times. I listening back on my recorder you can clearly hear the sound of a young child playing.

I spend 5 or 6 hours in the building and was lucky enough to pretty much have it to myself. There were more staff than customers, all because the website displayed it as being closed.

I would love to get in at night, but unfortunately we cannot get permission. But can you imagine if we did?!!!

Now if you want to check out the recordings then please have a look on our face book page. It’s been made into a compilation.

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