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Slapped in the face by a spirit!

So within the last couple of years I found an amazing World War 1 and 2 building in Spilsby UK. The building sits in the heart of this little village/ town and is used to this day as a community centre. It’s even home to the local councillors having its own chamber, and seems to be next door to the masons (funny hand shake people).

The building during both wars was used as a hospital for the Royal Air Force and still has pictures on the wall from times gone by. In the reception area is a large picture of some of the airman that were stationed nearby, plus a propellor from one of the planes that unfortunately crashed nearby.

The lady that runs it is super awesome and is open to the paranormal, and luckily investigators such as myself. I spoke to her at great length about the building and it’s history. She was telling me some of the stories and about the apparition that walks down the stairs from the council chambers in full combat gear. He’s been seen many times and just walks down the stairs and into her office, that used to be the male toilets. He would then, for a few seconds, stare and then disappear into thin air. Whilst discussing this an elderly gentleman walked into the office after attending a tea dance. He said he was stationed there as a young man and started to tell more stories of old. I love history and, although he was old, found him interesting and so knowledgeable.

The lady that runs it claimed that the building was haunted by many ghosts and she herself had experienced not only the full bodied apparition coming down the stairs, but doors opening and closing on their own.

She went on to say two men associated with the building tried to spend the night, not believing in ghosts or ghouls. Unfortunately they didn’t last the night and both left after hearing voices, bangs and extreme cold spots. They never tried it again nor did they even step foot in the building again. I found this extremely exciting and thought I’d give it a go lol. So here’s my findings for you.

I couldn’t believe I was going to spend the night alone in Franklin hall. Could I do it? Well yeah I did and recorded it for you guys lol.

So throughout the night I did about 5 lives, each just over an hour. They can be found on FB Ghost Encounters Global Events. Loads happened during the night, but one event hit me the hardest, so to speak lol.

After a couple of lives I placed my phone on charge next to the bar area. I decided to have a snack whilst the phone charged. I was completely alone and the lights in this area were on. As I turned to check the phone I felt a massive surge of air whack me in the face so hard that my head turned to the right. It didn’t hurt but felt like a slap to my left cheek. Yes to me I’d been slapped and I was not happy about it. I’m sure the spirit thought I’d run away with my tail between my legs but that didn’t happen, I was pissed off! I started to talk to the spirit, but didn’t get any responses. There was no mark on my cheek but it did sting for a while. Now after that I was thinking to myself ‘I’m spending the night in this place’ lol.

I did a few more lives after that and captured a few ghostly voices but nothing hit me again and I’ve been back to the building many many times on my own and with others.

I’ve never had anything like that happen before and hopefully never will again.

Thanks for reading my


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Red Tilley
Red Tilley
Jul 08, 2021

All these places..and all these lives and all these amazing stories ❤ love them you should Write a book of short stories of your adventures 😊 lm sure they would sell...ld defo by one.


Red Tilley
Red Tilley
Jul 08, 2021

I've heard of being slapped in the face by a wet fish but never a spirit...


Jun 13, 2021

That was amazing to read. Really brings things to life and how brave are you! Thanks for sharing these stories with us 👏🏼👻😁

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