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RAF Stallingborough alone

So way back when I used to investigate during the day and hadn’t really been out during the night. I tell you this, no daytime investigation would compare to a night time vigil. Although officially there’s not much difference, night time is, for me, better with less background noise and it’s mainly spookier lol.

You can sit at home during the day and tell your mates and family you’re going on an investigation, but when it comes to the sun going down you’ll quickly change your mind haha.

Anyway my first night time investigation was an old disused Royal Air Force (RAF) anti aircraft battery that sits in the middle of woodlands miles away from any civilianisation. This place has totally been forgotten about, which like many buildings is a shame.

So there seems to be about 4 solid concrete structures that held the massive cannons used during the 1st and 2nd world war. These are massively overgrown with the occasional tree growing where the solid cannon would’ve once sat. There are another couple of buildings, some of which are full of water and nasty bity bugs lol.

What first attracted me to the location was a report in the local news paper of a 10 foot beast, described as cat like, walking on rear two legs carrying a deer whilst crossing the road. There was a picture of the deer laid by the roadside. Many people had spotted this panther like beast, so I thought I’d give it a go haha.

So it’s a coupe of years ago, it’s night

time during the winter and I’m on my own armed with a couple of torches and my mobile phone, yes I was live lol. You guys had a front row seat, although in those days I didn’t really have much of a following.

To set the scene, this place is in the middle of no where, you can see a large industrial area in the distance, possibly 10 miles away. I parked up at the side of the country road and made my way through the woods until I came upon these massive structures.

Omg! It was dark and in the back of my mind I was thinking 10 foot beast and secondly ghosts lol. But this stuff intrigues me so I just had to do it.

The worst part of lone investigations in setting up and packing up, that’s when you are the most vulnerable. You are concentrating so

Much on getting it right you semi forget what’s around you haha.

So I’m set up and now live. You guys are with me and I’m feeling a little braver, although I’m still thinking about the beast.

On the live I played the air raid siren as usual and waited for things to happen. The first thing that happened, and I remember it clearly, was the planchette on the ouija board fell of the board onto the floor. This is impossible to do as the planchette on my board sticks. This scared the daylights out of me, but the show has to go on lol. I also received a few creepy voices through my trusted dictaphone.

During the investigation I was walking through the wooded area looking for any signs of ghosts and 10 foot beasts

but nothing.

I have been back many times since and have gained a lot of paranormal evidence from this creepy historic place.

I think it’s time to return, and maybe this time you can join me?

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Red Tilley
Red Tilley
Jul 08, 2021

Ha I would of loved to see the I'm aware the panther is still about and been seen in certain places of the country I'd of love to see a panther as I love the cat family..


Shona Miller
Shona Miller
Jul 03, 2021

Night Times are the best and you are just simply fantastic at what you do @

Martin Sullivan
Martin Sullivan
Jul 03, 2021
Replying to

Aw thank you x

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