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My night at Franklin hall.

Part of being an investigator is exploring new haunted places and there’s none better than Franklin hall. On appointment with the curator I had a chance to look around the old army hospital, now a council building. The curator, an elderly lady met me at reception and started to tell me about the many ghosts that haunt the building. She started by telling me of the soldier in full battle dress that has been seen walking down the stairs. He has a stern look and always walks to the bottom of the stairs, turns right and walks into her office. Once in the office he disappears without making a sound. She said she no longer feared the spirit as it had happened on many occasions. According to the old original plans her office was the men’s toilet which is maybe why he disappears when seeing a female lol.

The curator said two men, friends of Franklin hall, had asked to spend the night to see if they could witness anything ghostly. She agreed and let them sleep over night. She went on to say the two men only lasted a couple of hours due to banging and other noises heard. Apparently the two men haven’t returned to the building. This intrigued me and I wanted to spend the night. She reluctantly agreed and now it was my turn to spend the night.

On the night in question I turned up rather early and was shown around the building again, this time where the light switches and emergency exits were. As she went to leave me alone, she told me a door had been banging earlier. She then left and locks the door behind her leaving me alone in the building. Now could I last the night?

Armed with my quilt I made a bed using crash matts on the first floor over looking the great hall, used in the war for the patients. Once the bed was made I was ready for the night.

Throughout the night I went live on 5 separate occasions allowing you guys to watch how the night unfolded. Like most large old buildings it had a large scary basement. As it didn’t have a phone reception I couldn’t go live, but luckily I did film it. The basement was full of items that were no longer required and was full of junk. It was pitch black and stone cold, during the war it was used for rifle practice. As I was walking around I could feel like I was being watched with cold sensations and the feeling of static. As I walked to the far corner of the room I could see lots of toys stacked on shelves and piled up on the floor. I noticed lots of toys looked like they had been strewn across the floor, which seemed out of place. I commented on this and as I did so something hit my foot and landed on the floor making a dull tap. I laughed and asked if something had thrown something at me, but in my head it was something falling off the shelf, until I watched the footage back. To my amazement a plastic bead, approximately 10 foot away, had flung out of a toy box and came towards me before hitting my foot. This was truly amazing and still one of my favourite clips.

So much happened that night with class A evps and a door opening and closing, but now it was time to end the lives and go to sleep. Could I spend the night?!

Going to sleep wasn’t too hard actually although around about 3 am I woke up with a circular wind around my face. This breeze was ice cold and felt like it was touching me. With that I heard a loud bang coming from the main hall. This made me get up in a hurry. Was this the banging the two males had heard for themselves. I went down to explore but couldn’t find what had made the noise. I then went back to the make shift bed and tried to sleep again. This time I heard walking across the floor and not quietly either. These were proper boots hitting the ground hard. I looked over at the great hall but couldn’t see anyone or anything.

I did go back to sleep in the end and stayed the whole night, something of which I am proud of. It was an amazing experience and I’m eager to go back, maybe with some company this time lol.

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That sounds like an amazing night. You're braver than me haha

Martin Sullivan
Martin Sullivan
23 de mai. de 2022
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Thank you

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