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My first ghostly valentine's.

My first ghostly Valentine’s.

Be honest, you thought this was going to be some romantic insight into my private life lol. Well it is sort of.

So my first ghostly Valentine’s night was alone within RAF Binbrooke, one of the most haunted locations we’ve been to over the years. This place has given me class A evps and many many paranormal activities, most of which are captured on camera. Most famously this place is haunted by the ghost of Sergeant Sinclair, aka club foot. He blew up a Lancaster bomber during the Second World War killing his own people and injuring himself. We have captured his voice and experienced his wrath many times.

So what goes through my mind on a cold dark Valentine’s night? Yes, can I spend 40 minutes completely alone and without a torch in this abandoned medical block. It did seem like a good idea at the time, and generally it goes when the sun is shining lol.

So it’s Valentine’s night, pitch black and freezing cold. I’m completely alone, and thinking about it now, no one could hear me scream! I have my infrared camera and a dictaphone, that’s all I need...........right?

The scariest place to stand within this creepy two story wreck of a building is the main stairwell, to the left as you enter the front door. These particular stairs, at the time, had a female spirit that hated me. She would shout for me to leave constantly. Of course I couldn’t hear it until playing back the voice recorder.

So I’m at the bottom of the stairs, infrared camera in one hand and the infrared light in the other. I’ve got the recorder on to see if this woman would appear and start shouting again. Back then I didn’t go live, so I didn’t have the virtual company I have now. It always somehow feels a little safer when you’ve an audience lol.

Nothing much happened to start with, but it soon changed and the voices started to appear on the voice recorder. I remember walking down the dark corridor that had a couple of chains hanging down from the walls. It was soooo dark and so cold. My bones were constantly cold, which is an indicator for me as to the presence of a spirit or two. As I walked down the corridor the hairs on my arms stood up and I felt so afraid. As I turned I saw a large shadow figure with two shining white eyes glaring at me from the end of the long dark corridor. Firstly I thought it was another investigator checking out the place, but then the eyes disappeared along with the figure. I immediately called out asking if they were ok and got no response.

Now people think at this point I’m brave, because I walked towards that shadow figure camera in hand, although the footage is a little shaky lol. The really reason is that shadow figure was stood right by the exit, and that’s where I needed to be lol. I checked the area where this figure was and there was nobody. Shortly after this I left and last the 40 minutes, just haha.

Now you can watch part 1 and 2 by searching for it on our fb group. Do me a favour though and watch it with the lights off haha.

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