My first ghostly encounter...

So when I was young I used to stay at my grandparents house alot on the weekends. The house is not particularly old but it has a lot of character and is filled with lots of fond memories for me, some of which are a little creepy...

My first creepy encounter started when I was around 5/6yrs old! It started off with the stairs creaking and hearing footsteps running across the landing. I also used to hear what sounded like whispering from behind the closed door. This happened to me quite frequently and everytime I got up to investigate everyone was either asleep or outside in the garden.

One late evening while everyone was in bed I got up to use the bathroom and stood right infront of me as I opened the door was a man dressed in what looked like a leather jacket, black fitted trousers and an old fashioned motorcycle helmet. I stood there blurry eyed looking for a moment trying to figure out who this man was and when I came to the realisation that I didn't know this man. I let out a blood curderling scream that woke both my grandparents up and just then the man disappeared right before my eyes!

My grandparents came running in, obviously a little freaked out by me screaming and asked me what was wrong!? I was shaking and crying and just kept saying there was a man, a man on the landing! My nan turned to me and said there is no man on the landing you must of had a bad dream and sat with me until I fell back asleep.

Some years later I was helping my grandparents with my late aunt, she had a condition that meant she was unable to walk and she also had brain damage so she would forget on occasions that she was unable to walk. We used to put her to bed and put a baby monitor on in her bedroom facing her so we could keep a watchful eye on her until she fell asleep.

Well this one particular evening we were all sat downstairs taking turns watching her on the monitor and we could see on the monitor my aunt was led in her bed trying to catch what looked like a bunch of orbs flying above her.

This got me and my gramps talking about the house and the creepy encounters that I had experienced whilst staying there as a kid, when I recalled the motorbike man on the landing my gramps went as white as a sheet and asked me when did this happen!? I told him what I remembered and he then went on to say that his late brother had died in a motorcycle accident when he was 17yrs old... Creepy much!?

I was shook but at the same time I felt relieved that it was a relative and not just some random haunting their house. In some ways it brought me peace knowing that your loved ones do come back to you and still watch over you wether you can see them or not.

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