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My adventures into the haunted mansion.

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A year or so ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the haunted mansion (Harlaxton Manor) by our very own Mad Mike. At the time he was a security guard and after getting approval we were allowed full access. So was this 600 bedroom mansion dating back before the Victorian era haunted?

On the drive up to the mansion it was clear it was going to be an amazing night. The gothic looking building that resembled something from a horror movie was in the distance and under the moonlight. The drive way was well over a mile long and I had a security escort lol. Yes it was Mad Mike, but at the time little did I know he would become part of our wonderful team.

On entering the ‘trades man entrance’ I was gob smacked on the shear size of the place. Not only was it beautiful throughout, it had WiFi in all rooms lol. Yes that means you guys were privileged enough to join me.

This place had so many rooms, but my favourite was the gold room. As the name suggests it was made of gold and the ceiling was painted, like a massive portrait. There were massive double doors, probably standing like 15 foot high and also coated partly in gold. The other side of the doors was the orangery. This orangery was the size of my house and full of various plants plus a small pond with many gold fish.

I remember walking into this orangery with Mad Mike and the double doors opened by themselves. This is no easy feet as they weighed a ton. Luckily I put you guys, watching through my phone, on the massive fireplace pointing inwards. I cannot believe even now that the doors opened and a massive orb exited via the opening. This was all caught on camera for you guys to see. The footage is available on our events page, plus the many lives completed.

Another one of my favourite places was the blue corridor. This is the corridor that Mad Mike didn’t like and avoided whenever he could. But we are robust and I like to push people into doing things that they may find uncomfortable. Yes Mike walked down the corridor on his own and as a result captured some amazing class A evps. That’s how he got the name ‘mad mike’ lol.

Once again this building was so large it actually had its own railway track running into the house. Yes small carriages would reverse up into the house and then the workers would collect the supplies. The tracks are still there today. We did investigate the area but didn’t capture anything paranormal.

Just walking around this massive building you can feel the energy, workers and others going about their business oblivious to us.

The best place to investigate was the main ball room. This had a massive fire place and chandelier. Legend has it the maid fell asleep holding the owners baby. The baby unfortunately fell into the fire and died. To date some have heard the babies cries :-(. As a result a room, within the mansion, was made into a séance room to communicate with the dead.

In the séance room we captured a lot of evidence, but the one I remember the most is a certain ouija board session. There were 4 of us around the board when flies were falling onto it and dying. We had amazing responses. Once again this can be seen on the events page.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to return to the mansion but I will always remember my time there. And plus we gained a Mad Mike lol.

Thanks for taking time out and reading this :-).

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