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Love in a graveyard.

I have never been so touched as when I stopped on a long journey to sit in a grave yard, just to get out of the sun and rest my feet lol. Graveyards are so peaceful and generally cooler places on a hot summers day.

Anyway I was in the Peak District in the uk walking through a tiny village, when I came across a really picturesque church with a small graveyard attached. It was surrounded by beautiful old trees and well kept shrubs. I chose an old bench to the rear of the church and sat looking at the amazing views. I had only been there about 10 minutes before a very old gentleman carrying a small wooden cross appeared. He came limping over and introduced himself before taking a seat next to me. He had a very strong Irish accent and was very proud of the fact, telling me he was originally from county cork. He said he fell in love with a local lass during the war and moved over to be with her. He was telling me how beautiful she was and that they had bought a house near the graveyard so they could visit if one died without the other. He pointed to the house opposite and said that was theirs.

This man was so happy and still had a lot of energy, although I’d say he was in his 80’s. He asked my name and was amazed that I was a Sullivan. From where he came from the Sullivan’s were a cheeky clan causing all sorts of problems lol. Luckily he seemed to like the fact and mentioned he was friends with the Sullivan’s lol.

I asked about the cross he was carrying. He said his wife died two years ago and that he comes daily to tend her grave. He pointed to the far end of the church yard. I could see an average grave site that was well cared for, lots of fresh flowers. He went on to say he was going to die soon and the priest had told him he could choose his spot. He said he had spent a long time making his wooden cross and was putting it next to his wife. He said he wanted to spend eternity with her, so needed to be as close as possible.

He then stood up and walked me to the site. I helped him hammer the cross next to his wife as he cried with joy. He could not wait for death. He said he had his family and they were now grown.

This was a few years back and I haven’t been since. I believe if I returned now they’d both be there, together as one again.

What an amazing couple.

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