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In search of Jack the Ripper.

So one night I decided to search for the notorious spirit of Jack the Ripper. I drove all the way to south London under the guise of visiting family members lol.

On arriving I caught the train and tube to white chapel in the heart of London. It was a cold early evening when I arrived and, without an appointment/ booking, managed to get myself on the Jack the Ripper tour lol.

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to film nor take pictures, but I learnt a lot about this 19th century serial killer, including his likely haunts and locations whereby he killed female prostitutes, slashing them to pieces and taking their body parts as trophies. What I didn’t expect however was the length and time scale of the tour lol, especially with my memory.

So a couple of hours later the tour finishes and it’s now dark and incredibly spooky. Some of the streets in Whitechapel haven’t changed since those dark ages. However from being the poorest area in London to one of the most expensive, isn’t too shabby. One of the smallest houses would set you back a few million.

After a bite to eat it was time to go live and show you guys the back streets of Whitechapel. As I am walking around these streets on a live it is clear I have got myself a little lost lol. Luckily after a while I find my feet again and am able to take you to some of the locations. It’s true I was nearly mugged and was propositioned a few times, but hey ho lol.

One of the murder sites that happened outside of white chapel was in mitre square. Now this was my final destination and one that I thought would be good to investigate for any spirit activity. The location where the female victim was killed must’ve recently been washed as it was wet with a trail of water running down the drain. In the dark this looked so spooky and actually like blood. The scene hadn’t changed that much and they still had the massive iron gates. It was like going back in time. There was also a plaque remembering this unfortunate person.

I did try recordings and using other paranormal equipment but alas I did not capture anything. It being London the back ground noise was so noisy. The Police sirens seemed to be the most annoying lol.

After the live I realised it was getting late and I needed to find my way home. As many of my adventures, I realised there was suddenly some sort of train strike lol. Yes it was not midnight, freezing cold and I’m stuck in white chapel. Thank goodness for google maps.

After a long run through the streets of London, passed the London dungeon and tower bridge I made it to Waterloo. And yes still no trains lol. The things I do for views haha.

Luckily as I left the station there was a bus that went in the general direction home. It’s true it was about 3 miles short of where I was staying, but a short run worked off those chips I had in the aptly named ‘Jack the fryer’ chip shop lol.

I will be going back again soon and maybe trying a few other locations. I have emailed the ten bells public house hoping they would allow us entry. After all this is maybe where Jack spent his evenings.

I love this subject.

Now the moral of the story is, check your route and destination and buy better trainers should you need to run lol.

The live is on the group so please have a watch it’s very interesting.

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