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Ghost Encounters Global the beginning - part 2.

Whilst in my favourite seaside town Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire, I stumbled across the towns museum. This place, although small, has so much history. It used to be the morgue whereby fisherman who washed up ashore were kept. There are still wooden hooks on the wall, and although I’m not sure what the hooks were use for, I could probably guess.

The museum celebrates the long smuggler towns history and although it’s called Robin Hoods Bay there is no link to the green tighted man himself lol.

Whilst wondering around this two story small building I over heard the staff members talking about the spooky happenings they had heard or seen. One was of the sound of someone going up and down the stairs. I was intrigued by this and joined in the conversation.

They were fascinated that I investigated strange things and gave me permission to investigate over night. I couldn’t believe my luck :-).

That night I spent a few hours in the museum along with one other. Not only did we capture strange disembodied voices and lights turning on and off, but the sound of foot steps going up and down the stairs. These foot steps were really clear and captured on a static camera situated at the bottom of the stairs. You cannot see anything but you can definitely hear it! The footage can be heard on our group.

I have since returned to the museum a number of times and captured many things, including a male spirit swearing at me lol. Yes this is unusual.

There seems to be a male upstairs and a female down stairs. I’m not sure why, but if you get a chance to visit maybe you can ask.

It is still one of my favourite places to visit.

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