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GEG the beginnings - spirits followed me home.

So I’d been investigating for a few months and starting to enjoy it, plus feeling less scared lol. But was I ready to be followed home?

So it was the summer months and I decided to hit the seaside town of Whitby in Yorkshire. Whitby is famous for being the birth place of Dracula, as well as other things. It’s right next door to Robin Hoods Bay and as the bay it’s surrounded in history with beautiful old buildings, plus you can buy fish and chips and sit on the beach looking at the haunting old ruins of the abbey on the hill.

This particular evening I decided to go for a walk and it didn’t take long before I found a beautiful old hotel/ pub. As I walked in I noticed the inside looked as old as the outside lol. The bar area was tiny and, most importantly, empty. The young barmaid said a wedding had be booked, but cancelled on the day, so the place was shut. She seemed very nervous and wanted me to stay for a drink. I sat at the bar and had a pint of the hard stuff - yes coca cola lol. She explained that she was covering for her mother who had taken the night off. She said she didn’t like being in the building alone and there were no guests due to the cancellation. I spoke to her about all the legends and stories surrounding the ghostly activity within the hotel, including the lady in white. She said this lady had been spotted many times. As I was about to finish my drink she asked if I would stay a little longer. She even said she’d give me a tour of the hotel, including the large bedroom that not many people had managed to spend the whole night, mainly due to the things that go bump i

n the night.

As we were walking around I had my recorder on and in my hand. I had not told the young lady I was recording, nor had I told her about my new hobby of ghost hunting. As she was showing me around I couldn’t feel anything, but the place had such a creepy feel. It was decorated like the Victorian era with vibrant reds and greens. The main bedroom, that’s £200 per night, had a massive four poster bed and the room itself was larger than my house lol.

After a few hours, the pub was shutting so I left and went home. I didn’t think anything else of it. The next day I listened to the recordings and found quite a few class A evps. Most were from a female with quite a young voice. When I was asking about the lady in white, the recording said ‘yes white’. This seemed to happen a few times and the voice seemed to be the same. One of the recordings said ‘he’s hot’ lol.

A couple of weeks later the house, although the summer, seemed colder. No matter what I did it wouldn’t warm up. The car keys would go missing and were found in the strangest places. One time it was under the mattress of the bed. Well that’s how it started anyhow!

One particular time I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I noticed the room felt so cold and goose bumps started to raise on both my arms. After a few seconds of sitting there I heard the sound of scraping. As I looked up I saw a 2 pence piece, that had been in the corner of the room, start to move slowly towards me at a 45 degree angle. I could t believe my eyes and tried to grab the phone out of my pocket to record it. After about half a foot it changed direction and came towards my feet. I managed to get the phone out and enter my pin. But by the time i started to record the coin had stopped, just inches away from my foot. As I got up to check the coin there was nothing strange about it and no wind nor breeze that could move the coin. As I stood by the sink and looked back the toilet roll started to spin and the paper unravel. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen with a good few feet of paper now laying on the floor.

After witnessing this I placed my recorder on and started to speak to the spirit. You should’ve seen the surprise on my face when the same female voice was heard on my dictaphone. She confirmed her first and last name. On googling this name and putting Whitby it came up with a young female from the Victorian era. It also said she was associated with the very same hotel! The black and white photo above this is that very image, and is the very first photo I placed on the GEG group when it was first created.

After this experience I looked on youtube and found out how to sage the house. I purchased some sage amd was about to use it when the house suddenly went warm again. It was the strangest feeling, but I knew she had gone. I still have the sage after all these years.

She has never returned, as far as I know. All it took was for me to ask her to leave and be happy.

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