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GEG the beginnings - Part 6.

So looking back I’ve investigated so many places, capturing and seeing so many things. But in the beginning I was really nervous and mainly investigated during the day, or with another. They say places are as haunted during the day as they are at night, and that’s true. The following experience is testimony to that.

So it’s around Christmas time a few years ago and it’s colder than cold. It’s about midday and myself and another are in the little town of Whitby. Yes that’s right, the birth place of Dracula again lol. There is a church right on top of the hill, right next to the massive ruined abbey. This church is still used today and, if you can manage the steps, is open to the public with amazing seaside views.

On this particular day it wasn’t too busy, In fact we were the only ones visiting this small unique looking church situated on the top of a massive steep hill. The churches yearly Christmas theme is allowing families and charities to put their trees up within the church, most to remember loved ones that had past. You should see this place! There were so many Christmas trees, decorated in so many different styles and themes. The sad truth is, although they looked pretty, they were to remember some tragic events.

The church is very small and not much lighting is required because of the light emitting from the hundreds of trees and decorations. There was a small pathway/ trail like a maze going around the church so you can see all the trees. Most of the trees had pictures of loved ones with little notes from passers by and family members. To tell the truth it’s a very sad place to be, especially around the holidays when everyone is supposed to be happy and jolly like the big bearded man himself.

As we were walking around the church I had my dictaphone recorder playing. I wanted to see if I could capture any paranormal evidence. As we got to a smaller tree the person I was with stopped and started crying loudly. I thought this strange as we were both in a happy mood. I could see real tears falling down their face. I asked if she was ok, and she replied she suddenly felt so lonely and scared, but couldn’t tell me why. I said we’d better move on because it was obvious something was going on. As we were about to leave the church, she turned around and said she had to light a candle. She walked over to the a collum full of lit candles. She placed money on the charity box and kit her pure white candle before saying a prayer. We spent a good couple of minutes kneeling by this pillar before she suddenly cheered up and we both walked out.

Once outside we sat and spoke about what had happened. She said she had never felt anything like that before and couldn’t understand why she was crying. But on listening to the recordings later, it became apparent.

So the recorder played for the full half an hour we were inside the church. And no one was in the church at the time of the recordings.

Going through the recordings:

As we walked into the church an old man says, clear as day, ‘this could help us’. I believe you guys would say a class A evp. Now this to me answers so many questions. Firstly this guy can see me, he knows I’m carrying a recorder that can record his voice, and thirdly he’s not talking to me?! This evp is still one of the best I’ve obtained, although unfortunately it’s lost somewhere.

Now the most interesting recordings are by the little Christmas tree. A little child says ‘please can you help me’. With that you hear the person I’m with stop and start to cry. When I say it’s time to go, the little girl says, ‘please don’t go’. You then hear the person I’m with say about lighting a candle. After the candle was lit and the prayer there were no other voices. This was amazing to us both.

We immediately both walked back into the church and up to that small tree. On reading the card attached to it, it was from a family missing their little girl. I think it’s amazing and it’s one of those moments that will stick with me forever.

Now if you’re ever in Whitby and at the little church on top of the hill at Christmas time, please light a candle for all those gorgeous souls hanging about waiting to be remembered.

Thank you everyone

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