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GEG the beginnings - part 5.

So let’s move away from Robin Hoods bay for now, although we will be re-visiting it later. I practically lived there for the first 3 months of my new paranormal life.

Anyway let’s talk about Saltmarshe Hall, a massive mansion set in the beautiful county of Yorkshire. At the time ‘most haunted’, an English ghost hunting show, had visited it and most famously the male presenter and another ran from it. I believe there may have been screaming lol. On watching this i was bewildered as to how ghosts could make others frightened and wanted to test it for myself. Would I be running scared?!

A cheeky email was sent to the newly acquired owner of this Victorian building, now used for weddings. I was disappointed that it was rejected as they didn’t encourage ghost hunts anymore due to their new wedding venue venture. Not good I suppose for the bride and groom to be attacked by the ghost of an old butler lol. As always rejection makes you try harder, so after a few more emails I managed to get myself a few hours on a Saturday night - hell yeah! It’s the basement only, but we all know what happens in these basements.

Anyway I get to the grounds only to find an open to the public wedding event. The place was stacked due to it being a lovely hot summers afternoon. Initially I thought I’d got the wrong day, there was security everywhere looking after 1000’s of guests. I drove up to the main gate and was stopped by a couple of these guards. I was shocked when we got the VIP treatment, yes the gates opened and I drove down the long driveway towards the house. I could hear the guard on his radio clearing the path for me lol. I remember thinking this would’ve been amazing if I wasn’t driving something that resembled chitty chitty bang bang lol. And I could’ve at least washed it. As I got to the house cones were moved and I was invited to park. I got out wearing my usual ghost hunting clobber, although then there were no holes in the jacket, so it was all good 😌. I was escorted with my small bag of goodies to the rear of the house whereby I met the owner. What a lovely lady, giving me full permission to investigate the basement and allowing me access to the buffet lol. I was disappointment with the buffet as they hadn’t any chips, and the things they did have I couldn’t pronounce lol.

So the guests leave about 7pm and all is quiet. The owner and her family disappear into the west wing and now myself and one other are ready to go. Outside is still light, but the basement is dark and very damp. Such a dark creepy feel to it. The only way to describe it is like a labyrinth of corridors with bricked walls and various rooms throughout.

We started by being quiet (yes I can be quiet) and trying the voice recorder. This didn’t get any responses. After about half an hour we were both sat at the end of the corridor by two large rooms. I recognised the rooms as being the ones most haunted ran from. You should’ve seen my surprise when a massive ball of the light, the size of a beach ball floated about waist height from one room to another. I was speechless until I noticed the other party had seen it too. I ran to the room only to find nothing. I had two camcorders back then, one in the room and the other in the corridor facing that room! I was so excited about what I may have captured that look viewed it back straight away only to find it didn’t pick up anything. I know what you’re thinking, he’s seeing things. We both saw that thing for a few seconds and described it in the same way. I was so disappointed 😞.

As I put the camera back, with the light in the room on, I walk out the room and talk to my colleague. On watching the footage back you clearly see me walk out and start talking. What I also heard clear as day is the voice of an American chap saying ‘please come back’. Now I didn’t hear it at the time, but I’ve watched it hundreds of times since - The footage can be found on the group.

One of the larger rooms throughout the night was massive and held old furniture that was no longer used. This room was creepier than the others. I left a digital recorder in there and walked away. Actually to tell the truth I forgot about it lol.

As my colleague walked into the room alone she thought she’d heard something. A few seconds later I walk into the same room and ask if she’s ok. On listening to the recording after it gave me chills. Just before she walked into the room a male voice says ‘everyone out’ and then a female voice says ‘now’. You then hear my colleague and then me enter. It’s an amazing class A recording and can be viewed on the group.

So much happened in the 4 or 5 hours we were there, but nothing to make me run. It still remains one of the best places for picking up EVP’s.

I have since emailed Saltmarshe Hall, but with popularity comes a price. It’s far too expensive now. Maybe one day I can take you guys.

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