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GEG the beginning part 4.

Have I not bored you enough with these blogs yet? Actually don’t answer that lol.

So Robin Hoods Bay is were it all started for me, that old smugglers seaside town holds so many memories. The streets and alleyways haven’t changed since those dark times. The houses and buildings hold so many memories from days gone by.

There are tunnels underground that the smugglers used to use to distribute their ill gotten gains. In fact one of those tunnels comes out by the fireplace at the vicarage. Not sure what the vicar wanted from these black market racketeers, but I don’t think it was holy water lol.

So one night I remember walking around at night, probably for the first time alone at night, with my trusted recorder recording every sound.

The first port of call was a narrow alleyway with terraced style houses to the right and a few weirdly shaped houses to the left. This was known as the bolts, aptly named because press gangs, coming to get victims for their ships, would hold their newly acquired ship mates. Some of these would regain consciousness and make a run for it, hence bolts. They would generally be recaptured and then be forced to work on ships for a long time without returning home.

I was just walking up and down the alleyway trying not to look like a burglar. Let’s face it I wear black and look dodgy lol.

After a few minutes of recording I listened back and could clearly hear a dog bark. This happened a few times, although I couldn’t hear that with my own ears. I also captured the voice of a

Male shouting for help. It was as clear as if someone was next to me, although once again I couldn’t hear it without the use of the recorder.

I continued walking around the bay and once outside the old police station I stopped for a second. I asked a few questions and was later shocked with the response received. An elderly sounding kindly gentlemen said ‘now then’. It was so clear with the use of the device. I just kept rewinding and listening to it. For me at the time ‘now then’ didn’t mean anything. Later I found it to be a Yorkshire greeting still used today meaning how are you, or what’s up - this recording is on the group.

I spent a few hours walking around the bay and picked up a youngish sounding male that kept telling me he wanted to kill me. At the time I was nervous and deleted this footage without hesitation. I wish I’d kept it now lol. Anyway this male sounded like he was from a different time zone. He didn’t have a Yorkshire accent and just sounded aggressive.

I think once this lock down is over I will return to this seaside town and maybe see if we can connect with some of these spirits. This time I think you should join me.

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