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GEG the beginning - part 3.

Within the first few months I spent many weekends within the old smugglers town of Robin Hoods bay and in particular the old church on the hill and the museum, which was once the morgue. One evening after an investigation I was approached and asked if I would investigate an old church directly opposite the museum. It was due to be turned into flats or perhaps a business premises. The owner was intrigued and wanted to know if it was haunted. So how could I say no to that lol.

The next night I was given the keys and we let ourselves in. I was with one other and we were excited about the prospect of what we would find inside. The building was large and all open plan with only a few small side rooms. As many old churches the ceiling was really high with massive windows on all walls. The inside was bear with only some old furniture stacked up ready to be disposed of.

This was early evening and the sun was shining through the windows, such a tranquil place, although still creepy.

When the sun went down we started the investigation. Not much to start with but we carried on. We kept seeing shadow figures shooting about the place but thought it was our imagination, until I put a locked off camera facing the back wall. Within minutes of putting the camera there we both saw a large black figure shoot across the back wall and window. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had captured it on camera. It is very tall, slim and moved incredibly fast. Even slowed down it hard to make out. Not many have captured shadow figures so I was really excited about it (The footage is on the group for anyone to view).

Next we sat on the floor and just called out with the dictaphone on record. During the next couple of hours we would again see shadow figures and capture the voice of a kindly spoken male.

The male confirmed his first and last name. He confirmed the year it was and had an American accent. This was amazing because you don’t normally get so much detail.

So much happened that night that made me start to believe this stuff was real. It is unfortunate at that time I didn’t used to go live because it would’ve made an interesting night for you guys :-).

The next day we reported our findings to the owner. He was intrigued and asked us to contact the Robin Hoods Bay historic society and ask them to check the records. I emailed them as requested and the started to google the location myself. There was no history on the building at all.

A few months later, after thinking they’d forgotten me, they reported back to say a missionary of that name from Canada died there in the year stated. I was so blown away, not only did we did and hear the voices, but history confirmed it to be real.

This is when I became a believer and started to investigate with new purpose.

I love this stuff.

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