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Full bodied apparitions

Did you know I’ve seen two, yes two full bodied apparitions at Skidbrooke Church, and that was on the same night?!

Well Skidbrooke church is a 13th century disused church, known as the demonic church. It’s known as that basically because in the 70’s and 80’s it was used for devil worshipping, along with other things. Yes that was the rage back then, and to some extend it still happens today. You pick yourself a disused church and sacrifice an animal or two whilst sitting around in your bestest white sheet. Doesn’t that sound appealing - not!!!

The place today hasn’t changed much, although it’s slowly being ruined by vandals that have no respect for these old buildings.

So Skidbrooke church was at the heart of a hustling bustling medieval market town and now just sits vacant on farmland. Yes the village died out a long time ago, which makes this place super active and super popular, especially for young couples wanting to scare their partners to death lol.

So one night I went along to the church with Sam, who I first started with, and a skeptic from work called Tim. Tim had never really experienced much in the way of paranormal activity and was, at this point, a non believer.

We arrived on a cold winters night and set up around half 8. It was dark with zero wind. After about half an hour Tim said he wished something would happen and went outside with Sam. As they did so a massive stone landed by me hitting my foot. Luckily

Tim heard it hit the ground and asked what it was. After telling him it aroused our curiosity and we all

Went outside discussing how it could’ve happened.

As we were outside by the gated area Sam was taking photos of the grave stones with her camera. As she took a photo the flash went off illuminating the area. As she took the 3rd or 4th photo I saw the spirit of a little girl stood directly behind Sam, facing her back. It was only for a split second whilst the flash illuminated, but the little girls face haunts me today.

She was quite short with short brown hair and wore all white with a bonnet. She was very pale and her face looked so contorted, like she was really angry. And as she was facing Sam, I presumed she didn’t like the flash. We tried to reconstruct it afterwards with a number of flash photos but the girl didn’t appear.

As we walked back into the building Tim asked if the little girl could throw one of the flashy balls that had been placed towards to bottom end of the church. As we turned we saw one of the balls roll towards us at speed. Luckily I had a camera on the area and you can clearly see one of the two balls start to flash and then start rolling towards us. This is today still one of my favourite clips. How is it possible?

So we were all sat down the end of the church talking about the events of the night, when one of the windows lit up with a flickering light. The only way to describe it was like candle light. All of us saw it and were dumb struck, what the hell could create that light? There was no

One outside, and we were alone.

After about 10 mins the same thing happened again. I ran towards the window whilst the other two walked. As I got to the window first you would not believe what I saw............

I clearly saw a large black mass about 6 or 7 foot tall with no real shape other than an arm sticking out. The arm was carrying a lantern. The lantern was perfectly formed and was lit. It illuminated a few head stones whilst it floated around for the seconds I watched it. There was like a circle of light on the floor, clear as day. I immediately made a runs for the door thinking it was someone under a black

Sheet playing games with us. That black mass was only out of my site for seconds,but when I got outside it had gone. There was no sign of anyone else and it would’ve been obvious if anyone had joined us.

And yes the others didn’t get to the window in time and didn’t see it. I was gutted and they didn’t quite believe me, but do you know what? A few moments later Sam remembered she had put a camera facing that window. It’s at a distance but on viewing the footage you can clearly see the flickering of candle light pass the window at a distance.

I love this stuff and Skidbrooke is still my number 1 when it comes to paranormal activity.

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