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Excuse me please!

So it was Easter Day, a couple of years ago, when I decided to go for a walk around the village. The sun was shining and it was surprisingly warm for the time of year. After a mile or so I found myself in the local grave yard. As it was so nice I sat on an old wooden bench with my back towards the gravestones. I started scrolling through the groups face book looking down towards the floor when I noticed three figures stood to the left of me. I didn’t look up but I saw enough to tell there was an adult with two kids. They didn’t speak or make any noise. I thought they were waiting to sit on the bench, so I verbally apologised and stood up, still not looking at them. I started to walk away from them and after a few seconds looked back to see who had been standing beside me. To my surprise there was nobody there. I know I saw three figures stood right next to me, but where did they go?! I walked back to the bench and sat for a while longer before I noticed three gravestones stood by themselves, no where near any of the other tomb stones. I walked over and could see they were early 19th century, but couldn’t make out the names. Could they have been three apparitions from these graves? I now wish I’d turned my head to look.

The above picture shows the bench and the three gravestones. Was this a paranormal experience, or were my eyes playing tricks?

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Jacqui Rowledge
Jacqui Rowledge
Sep 05, 2022

No I think it was the 3 from the gravestones coming too say hello. Shame you couldn't get Amy names .. Xx

Replying to

I kinda liked the familiar comment, but not my post . Sorry 😞

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