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Did it happen? Alien or ghost?

So a couple of years ago now I went to bed, and as is the norm started to flick through face book stuff until I finally fell asleep, or so I thought.

As I was laid there in bed i heard the bedroom door knock, so woke up. I immediately saw this very tall thin shadow with arms and legs walk towards me. For some reason I wasn’t scared and felt quite comfortable with this weird shadow. Within seconds the figure had walked through the bottom of my bed towards me. I could clearly see this figure was walking through the actual bed?! And yes I wasn’t scared and felt it was natural, for some reason.

The tall figure, close to 7 foot tall with no facial features lent over me and grabbed my right hand. I then felt pressure on my hand and so thought I was awake, but once again thought nothing of it until this shadow figure then squeezed my finger. It squeezed very hard, which hurt, and then let go again. I remember my hand just dropping to the mattress with a bump. I looked up and saw this thing, with his legs through the bed, turn around and walk towards the bedroom door. It didn’t look back and all was still calm.

I immediately fell back to sleep and thought nothing of this strange occurrence.

The next morning I woke up and remembered what had happened. I thought it had all been some weird freaky dream, until I looked at my finger!!!

The finger that had been grabbed and squeezed had a tiny pin prick through it that was also slightly bruised, as if someone had pricked it with a pin. It wasn’t sore, nor was it that noticeable.

So this got me thinking..... was it a dream or had this shadow figure entered my room and pricked my finger? Why did it do it? And why didn’t I struggle? Alien or ghost?

To this day I still think about it. I did take a picture and showed others. They said it looked like someone had taken a blood test, until I told them the circumstances of course.

Unfortunately I no longer have the pictures, but recently I was reminded of this event.

Did it happen?........

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