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Chapter 1 - The beginning of GEG.

Chapter 1 - The beginning of GEG.

Well hello lovely folks, welcome to our small GEG blog. I thought you’d like to know how it all started lol. Well the same as most groups or paranormal enthusiasts.

Just before Christmas 4 years ago I watched an episode of ghost adventures. On this episode they captured a strange voice through a dictaphone. I remember thinking this couldn’t be possible so decided that day to buy my own. In fact it’s the same one I use now.

That weekend I stayed in Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire, an old smugglers town by the coast. I visited an old church that’s no longer used. This church was on top of a large hill with amazing views. The church had hardly been touched and the grave stones dating back to the smuggler days were still present. This place was so magical.

This was during the day and I was sat in this church talking to myself. Yes I felt a little silly but after half hour I forgot about it lol. During this time I didn’t get any responses so semi gave up. Luckily on my way out of the church I turned the dictaphone on. After listening back a few days later I heard the voice of an old lady, clear as day, saying ‘you are stupid’ lol.

After this I freaked out and didn’t use it again for a couple of weeks lol. After this time I couldn’t help myself and returned to the old church many many times talking to myself and sometimes getting responses from the same female.

It is clear she didn’t like me very much as the responses were always ‘get him out’ or ‘go away’ lol.

Since then I’ve began addicted and it’s how this all started.

Thanks for joining us x.

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