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Beautiful Bolsover Castle

The castle is in the town of Bolsover, in the north-east of the English county of Derbyshire. Built in the early 17th century, the present castle lies on the earthworks and ruins of the 12th-century medieval castle; the first structure of the present castle was built between 1612 and 1617 by Sir Charles Cavendish. The site is now in the care of the English Heritage charity, as both a Grade I and 2 listed building and we were lucky enough to investigate it.

So this was a few years ago in the summer myself and another were allowed to investigate this beautiful castle and it’s grounds during the day. Luckily on this day there was a battle reenactment so the public were all outside watching the show whilst I was inside investigating. As you can imagine it was noisy so to start with we didn’t capture much. But a few hours later as the show finished and the public headed home we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

When ever you investigate during the day, the best time is near the end when the building is going to close. At this time we were in the ruins of the old building with a dictaphone just trying to pick up any evidence of the paranormal. This part is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a young child, been seen many times by the public. We were there for about half an hour asking loads of questions when we picked up a voice of what sounded like a child. It sounded like ‘do you want to play with me?’ and then at the end a creepy voice whispered ‘and my sister’. I couldn’t believe we’d captured a voice so clear.

Unfortunately we didn’t capture anything else so went into the main house that sits in the grounds of the castle. We were in one of the grand rooms with my trusted dictaphone asking loads of questions when we captured a class A evp.Now this one was one was so clear and loud it must’ve been what we call the ‘stone tape theory’. The voice was feminine and spoke over the both of us. It didn’t make sense and had nothing to do with what we were talking about.

A young female said ‘we have to stop it, the duke coming here’. This is the clearest evp I have ever captured to this date. Both can be heard on our group, just search Bolsover castle and you’ll find it.

Unfortunately after 4 hours we captured nothing else on that occasion but to me that was golden. Two amazing ghostly voices, plus the scenery and pretty much having the place to myself.

When home I sent the voices to staff at the castle but unfortunately didn’t receive a reply. Funny enough a week later a full bodied apparition of a child was spotted in the ruins of where I captured the young child’s voice.

I think it’s time we returned.

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