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Welcome to Ghost Encounters Global, a UK based paranormal group a little different from the norm. Come and join Martin, John ‘the brave’, mad mike and merry Anne on our adventures into the unknown. There maybe a few scares in the way.

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Ghost Encounters Global Events

Ghost Encounters Global Events, we offer paranormal tours and ghost walks at some of the UK’s most haunted locations accross the UK. 

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Martin Sullivan

Founder & Paranormal Investigator

My name is Martin Sullivan and I created GEG around Christmas time 2017. After watching an episode of ghost adventures I sat in an old disused church and caught the voice of an old lady telling me I was stupid! Since the I’ve been hooked. 

I love anything paranormal and like to investigate spooky/ scary places. 
So come and join us 👻.

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John The Brave Stevens

Paranormal Investigator

John joined the GEG team as a moderator and quickly became an investigator in Aug 2020, on his first investigation he gained the nickname of ‘John the Brave’ when it was noticed that he didn’t scare easily, he loved to be left alone in the darkest creepiest of places.
 John is a seasoned investigator conducting his first Ghost Hunt at the age of 12. John is an ex militant,  he served for 6 years in the British Royal Navy, seeing operational tours of Iraq and Bosnia to name a few. 
John lives in Lincoln with his family and also works a full time job as a tattoo artist.


Michael Rayton (Mad Mike)

SLS King

Hi all my name is Mike (Mad Mike) 🤪

They call me the SLS King because I seem to pickup spirit(s) on the SLS on most of the investigations 👻

I first Joined the GEG team back in 2020 when I was working at the haunted mansion, that's how I first met Martin Sullivan, those investigations are featured on the Ghost Encounters Global Events page, which you can watch on play back.

I have since become a member of the GEG family, you are all a great bunch and I'm looking forward to exploring and finding some new crazy scary places to investigate, so watch this space. Thank you for reading my bio & I'll see you all soon. 

Mad Mike 👻


Marianne Beaumont (Merry Anne)

Paranormal Investigator

Hi everyone, 

my name is Marrianne (Merry Anne).

I first started investigating with Martin back in 2018/19 I've always been fascinated but scared of the spirit world, but that hasn't stopped me from investigating some of the UK's most haunted places 👻.

 I've since become a lot braver and have been left on my own a few times, thanks to Mr Sullivan. 😂

I gained my nickname Merry Anne as apparently I'm always smiling even when I'm scared out of my mind and totally out of my comfort zone, which is nice.😁 

I'm looking forward to new adventures & investigating some new places, so watch out for updates and up and coming lives.

Thank you to all the GEG Family for making all of this possible. 

Marianne (Merry Anne) 


Denton Wilson (Meme Master) 


Hello, My name is Denton Wilson, I'm from Sheffield England. 

I've been interested in the paranormal ever since I saw my first ghost. It wasn't until some years later that I googled about what I had seen and found an article about a 2 year old girl who had unfortunately been beheaded by her dad, this was the girl ghost i had seen years earlier😳

I Joined the GEG family hoping to get some answers and also because i had a lot of questions to ask and still do. I seek the truth!! I can handle it 😊

 I wish I could explore on my own but I ain't that brave, Maybe one day lol. Until then i will continue to help develope & support the groups page. Lets keep it growing!!

Thank you all for being awesome.

Denton Wilson 👻

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